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Jangu e.V. is a charitable non-profit organization for development cooperation in Africa. Our objective is to give disadvantaged children and young people in Uganda prospects for their future through education. Our educational sponsorships lay the foundation while our Social Innovation Academy (SINA) unleashes the youth’ potential to start their own social enterprises and solve social challenges in Uganda. Our NGO was founded in 2009 by a young and motivated team. Educational sponsorships have been established since 2007 and the first generation of our sponsored children have passed their A-Levels in November 2013.

We are successfully working in close cooperation with our Ugandan partners and our network of sponsored and formerly sponsored youth. Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change our world”. Therefore, education is indispensable in development cooperation and can sustainably empower the generations of the future to live in a dignified and content way. We want to make our contribution to this and invite you to support Jangu e.V.!

Jangu e.V.


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