We publish our obtained donations, the use of all funds and our administrative expenses voluntarily in our annual activity reports (if requested we can translate the content for you):

Activity Report Jangu e.V. – 2011
Activity Report Jangu e.V. – 2012
Activity Report Jangu e.V. – 2013
– Jangu e.V. and SINA – Annual Report 2014
Jangu e.V. Tätigkeitsbericht 2015 (available only in German)
Jangu_eV_Taetigkeitsbericht_2016 (available only in German)

A membership is generally free to anybody who can identify with the principles stated in our articles of association and wants to support our work. The current membership fee is 12€ per year but can be offset against a sponsorship directly.

When interested in a membership please send us the filled in request for membership (if you are interested we will translate the document for you) and attach a brief explanation for why You want to become part of Jangu e.V.


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