Ask Without Shame

Jangu e.V.’s Social Innovation Academy (SINA) makes it possible for marginalized young adults, who otherwise would have never been able to start an enterprise, to become social entrepreneurs and solve challenges in their communities through business. One example is Ruth Nabembezi. She lost her parents and  sister due to AIDS and grew up alone in an orphanage in Uganda. Jangu e.V. sponsored ruth throughout high school and after she joined SINA. This meant an intense transformation process of finding her purpose in life and setting her own goals. Instead of looking at herself as a victim, she uses her painful personal tragedy as a strength. SINA unleashed her potential and she founded Ask Without Shame, a social business providing emergency sex and HIV education anonymously via mobile in East Africa. It has answered over 50,000 questions to 30,000 users within its first 12 months. Jangu e.V. and SINA have transformed Ruth into a strong

leader, inspiring other youth and especially girls with her story. The social enterprise is employing 10 youth with university degrees and Ruth won several international awards at the young age of 21. She met Her Majesty the Queen of England Elizabeth II. in June 2017, receiving the Queen’s Young Leaders Award.


Ask Without Shame is since 2017 an independent charitable organization in Uganda. Find out more here under and is supported through Jangu e.V. Donations can be made to Jangu e.V. indicating “Ask Without Shame” in the bank transfer. 100% of funds raised for Ask Without Shame are forwarded to Uganda and support youth in getting the information they need regarding sexuality.


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