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Becoming a sponsor is easy and uncomplicated!

We are looking for people who want to support Simon Paul a child for his or her secondary education. The school fees amount to 300 € per year and do make a huge difference! Some children however require schooling at a boarding school where they receive room and board. Fees for the boarding schools are approximately 480 € per year.

Through video messages and letters the sponsorship becomes a very personal and intercultural experience. Through our voluntary engagement we are able to guarantee that 100% of donations for educational sponsorships will go directly to the respective child and its education.

Why an educational sponsorship with us?
+ We know the children personally and have lived together with them in Uganda
+ We work voluntarily with high commitment towards empowering Ugandan youth
+ Lowest administrative costs – no donations flow into marketing or administration
+ Cultural exchange  between You and Your sponsored child through video messages and letters
+ No child gets more than one sponsorship at a time (like in some bigger organisations)

We are currently looking for new educational sponsors! If you want to support a child with us, then just write us an informal message to:

patenschaften@jangu.orgLisa Liesch

We are looking forward to answering your questions and will clarify all details in direct contact.

We do not issue a sponsorship contract. Everything is supposed to be based on your voluntary support.  This means that you can end your sponsorship at any time. However, we are sure that once you get to know your child, this will not happen.


You also have the possibility to hand over a sponsorship as a present for somebody else. For this purpose we can issue a sponsorship certificate to you which can be passed on by you personally.

Further information you can also find here at FAQ.


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