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Daumen hoch UgandaThrough an educational sponsorship You are able to support an Ugandan child in need for his or her education in a good secondary school. It takes four years up till Ordinary Levels and another two years for Advanced-Levels education. After, a possibility for practical training or university studies exists. School fees at Ugandan secondary schools are comparably very high. With an average salary of little more than one Dollar a day, 300€ per year make education more than a luxury good. However, this amount can make a huge difference and means a great chance.

Nevertheless, many children need to go to a boarding school, where they also receive accommodation and meals because they have no relatives where they could live. Boarding schools average to about 480 € per year. That is only 40 € per month for the complete life of a teenager.

We are not aiming at taking away the self-responsibility and autonomy of children to lead their lives but we are empowering youth to be able to lead dignified and content lives, being able to help themselves and their fellows. You will furthermore receive report cards that inform you about your child’s performance in school.

School system in Uganda: The Ugandan school system is designed after the British model. The school year starts in February and goes until the end of November. Jangu e.V. is asking for sponsorships to be paid until January. Then we will transfer the fees to the respective schools.Wwe can guarantee that all the money reaches is used for the benefit of the child.

What the money is used for: Secondary school education is not free in Uganda, although a system of Universal Secondary Education is technically being implemented. School fees are the biggest costs. They cover the teacher’s salaries, the teaching materials, maintaining the buildings and feeding the students. Scholastic materials, books, uniforms, toiletries and personal items are also needed, as well as a small pocket money for each student.

Boarding schools also require that students bring a mattress, flashlight, mosquito net and other items. Fees also include a general medical coverage.

To keep in mind: We wish to encourage the correspondence between sponsors and sponsored children in order to create learning opportunities. The children will tell you about their lives and it would be desirable if you are inclined to do the same in return. Photos can help to give someone else an understanding of a foreign world.

By experience we recommend to refrain from sending presents by post to your sponsored child. This can lead to jealousy and sozial marginalization even though you mean well without a doubt. If you still plan on sending a package to your sponsored child please refer to us in advance.

Despite all efforts setbacks concerning the sponsorships can occur due to diseases like malaria or AIDS. Since the average age at maternity is 17 years in Uganda pregnancy can interrupt the education process or even lead to dropouts. Nevertheless, Jangu e.V. will continue to support young mothers and their children as well as those who have fallen ill.

Sponsorship at a glance:

Day School: 300 € per year
Boarding School: 480 € per year (40,00 € per month)
Four years until O-levels Possibility to continue two years until A-Levels

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