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I have decided to become a sponsor, what comes next?

Please write us a message at info@jangu.org

We would be happy to clarify any remaining questions.
After the initial contact, you will get personal information from your sponsored child, that we have chosen for you. The school starts always the beginning of February. You have until the end of each year to transfer the school fees to our account, so we are able to forward them directly to your child’s school.

Contact can be established at any time before February. Because the children are living in our partner institution Kankobe Children’s Home, we can use the time until the secondary school starts that you and your child get to know each other. If the child wants to, we will send you a short video message that you can also get to know your child more personally than only through letters.

You can also write to your child, using our address:
Name of your child
c/o Jangu e.V.
P.O. Box 35194
– Uganda –

Can groups or school classes carry a sponsorship as well?

Of course a sponsorship can be shared. Regarding the sponsorships for a child at a boarding school this can be particularly sensible (in case 450 € per year should be too much for just one sponsor).

Can I chose which child I want to sponsor?

We don’t want that children are selected on grounds of appearance or prejudice. Each child needs our support. However, we will consider your preferences if you would rather like to sponsor a boy or a girl. Who decides which children will be sponsored? We collaborate closely with our partner in Uganda and the Kankobe Children’s Home and leave them to decide which child will be privileged and which school the child will be going to. Sponsorships are arranged first for those children who have no family at all and then for those who still have relatives but cannot afford schooling. We try to find a sponsor for each child because all of them are in need of our support.

Who selects the school for my sponsored child?

The schools are chosen by our partner on site. Most schools are located not far away from the orphanage. That also ensures that our Ugandan partners can see the children from time to time. Children who still have relatives where they can live will go to a school nearby and will be given food and accommodation by their family. Unfortunately, there are also many children who have no relatives at all. In that case it is necessary for them to attend a boarding school where they will obtain room and board.

How long does a sponsorship last?

Usually, a sponsorship lasts 4 years. Afterwards, the children will have finished their O-levels. After those 4 years, however, it might be desirable to continue to support the children until they’ll have finished their A-levels. We hope to be able to finance an apprenticeship or university education after school so that they will once be able to support themselves and other orphans. After four years, we can discuss whether to continue, end or pass on the sponsorship.

Can I quit the sponsorship at any time?

Of course, you can. You don’t even need to state the reasons why. We ask you, however, to inform us as soon as possible to not endanger your child’s school attendance. On the other hand, we reserve the right to end a sponsorship at any time. In case you don’t want to make a commitment for four years, there also might be the possibility of short-term sponsorship and it goes without saying that our organization cannot keep up its work without one-time donations.

What language does my sponsored child understand?

The children understand English and Luganda (national language in Uganda). It is not important that the letter is written in good English (in case you’re not a native speaker). You will see your sponsored child will be very happy about every letter. We also will gladly assist you translating your letters if assistance is needed.

I am not that talkative and eloquent and find it difficult to write a letter.
Can I still become a sponsor?

In our opinion, the correspondence is a very good opportunity to encourage cultural exchange. It is desirable but not a prerequisite for a sponsorship.

What am I going to do if the contact to my sponsored childdoes not work out well?

In case you have not heard from your sponsored child in a longer period of time, please refer to us. We will then check with our partner in Uganda why the correspondence does not work out.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Of course you have the possibility to visit your sponsored child in Uganda. Please refer to us in advance, so we can arrange for everything.

Are the sponsorship contributions tax-deductible?

As a charitable organisation we can issue donation receipts. All we need is your address.

How much goes into administration?

We are constantly at pains to keep the administrative costs as low as possible. No money for educational sponsorships will be used to cover administrative costs. In the past we have been able to almost entirely cover all administrative costs through extra income generated through selling ugandan items or our online charity shops. If we should not be able to cover our expenses we will use donations that are not specified for any purpose.

All members of Jangu e.V. work voluntarily and do not receive any allowance for their work. Our reward is the laughter of our children with whom many of us have lived together for some time.

Can I support Jangu e.V. otherwise, too?

We would be happy for your assistance in our team!
Do you have stimulating ideas, proposals or constructive criticism? We are happy about any feedback whatsoever – Please write to us for we depend on other people’s participation and are grateful for it. You certainly can become a member as well and help us doing our work.


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