Social Innovation Academy SINA

Social Innovation Academy (Sina)

The Social Innovation Academy (SINA) elicits a holistic empowerment model for youth to discover their purpose, unleash their potentials and create social enterprises with positive impact on the environment and the society. SINA allows individuals to make a sustainable living out of what they are passionate about by nurturing disadvantaged youth into job creators and changemakers with the ability to turn challenges into solutions. Through self-organization and freesponsibility, refugees, orphans, street children, former child soldiers or youth from other marginalized backgrounds transform their own personal tragedies into social enterprises and tackle the most pressing issues in society

The social challenge of the worldwide youngest population (78% of the Ugandan people are below the age of 30 years), paired with the highest youth unemployment in Africa (83%, according to the World Bank) are being actively fought against. The dependency on donations and the “outstreched hand” mentality are being reduced and the youth becomes the own creator of their future!Bau der Social Innovation Academy SINA

The hard reality for youth in Uganda:

– 83% youth unemployment
– Only 5% of formal employment in whole Uganda
– More than half of the population are youth
– Doubling of the population within 20 years
– An educational system which focusses only on knowledge instead of practical experience
– Thousands of young people who are searching for non-existent jobs

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