Partners and Cooperation

A close cooperation to Uganda is highly important for us and the sustainable success. We are very happy to be able to maintain an effective relationship built upon trust with four Ugandan institutions. Decisions are not made in Germany but are always discussed together in order to represent all sides and elicit the best possible results. The well-being of all our supported children and youth are as dear to our partner’s hearts, as they are to our hearts.

Child Welfare and Adoption Society UgandaChild Welfare and Adoption Society (C.W.A.S.)
We collaborate closely with the Ugandan NGO C.W.A.S. (Child Welfare and Adoption Society). The non-profit organization is running the „Nsambya Babies‘ Home“. A place where hundreds of abandoned babies are taken care of and the organization is trying to find families that would like to adopt a baby in Uganda or internationally. Furthermore, C.W.A.S. is in charge of the Kankobe Children’s Home.

Kankobe Children’s Home and the Sisters of the Good Samaritan
The children of our educational sponsorships are all coming from Kankobe Children’s Home. It is an orphanage in Uganda situated some 90 km from the capital Kampala in a small village close to the Lake Victoria.

It was established in 1988 by an Italian priest and is administered under C.W.A.S. It is the home of approximately 120 children aged from five to about thirteen. The children have been brought to the home for various reasons. Some have lost their parents, others were abandoned when they were babies and spent their early years in Nsambya Babies’ Home. Many have lived under disastrous conditions (extreme poverty or violence) which left their families with no option but to bring them to the orphanage to grant them a fairer childhood nonetheless. The well-being of the children is in the hands “Sisters of the Good Samaritan”, a Roman Catholic congregation of religious women who send at least three Sisters into the home. Together with two care-takers, a nurse, a cook and a social worker they are running the home and take care of the children until they complete primary school.


After seven years of primary school there is no possibility or funds for further support of the children, no matter how well they performed at school. At this point Jangu e.V. is coming in. Through voluntary services of up to twelve months many of the active members of our team have lived together with the orphans of Kankobe. Since 2006 we are accompanying them for their secondary education through sponsorships. This honourable work was already fruitful after our first students completed their Ordinary-Levels. They have founded their own NGO: Bakuze Uganda.

Bakuze Uganda
Since 2012 our sponsored youth and young adults have been organizing themselves out of their own motivation. They are meeting regularly to help each other, coordinate themselves and assist Kankobe Children’s Home. They want to set an example on how to tackle the social problems of the country and empower marginalized youth. For this reason the NGO Bakuze Uganda (“Bakuze” means: “The grown-up persons”) was founded. All persons that have ever lived in Kankobe Children’s Home are welcome and the organization counts already more than 150 members aged from 13 to about 34.



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