Successes, Innovations and Impact

Successes since the foundation of Jangu e.V. 2009 and SINA 2014 in numbers:

Number of orphans who have gone through the sponsorship programm and are now standing on their own feet: 46

Number of orphans currently supported by educational sponsorships: 125

Number of students at Social Innovation Academy (SINA) in order to become social entrepreneurs: 60

Number of jobs created through SINA: 64

Number of people whose living conditions have improved due to people supported by Jangu and their social enterprises: 150.000+

Success stories of how it works in concrete terms and how former orphans have become independent and successful young personalities can be found here. 


Etienne Salborn pitching the unique concept of SINA at the Social Innovation Award in AmsterdamOur innovative and unique educational concept at SINA had been nominated for the HIVOS Social Innovation Award and Etienne Salborn was invited to Amsterdam in order to present the project.

In Uganda Jangu e.V. and SINA were invited in 2014 to introduce the project to the Ugandan president H.E. Yoweri Museveni.

A few months later Etienne Salborn, the founder of Jangu e.V. and SINA, was invited to the celebration of the German Federal President at Castle Bellevue, where he was able to meet Joachim Gauck in person and in 2016 President Steinmaier.President Museveni and Etienne Salborn

Jangu e.V. sponsored youth have been recognized through a large variety of Ugandan and international awards, recognitions and news features. These include:




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